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Cuando eres tu propio jefe, a veces puede sentirte solo y abrumado. Es realmente fácil perderse en tus propias ideas y terminar girando tus ruedas, haciendo más análisis que implementando realmente. A veces necesitas un cerebro adicional y una perspectiva externa con experiencia para ayudarte a crear un plan sólido. Te ayudaremos a solucionar problemas, crear estrategias y alinear áreas clave de tu negocio.

Te ayudamos en todo esto…


- Identify your customer niche so your message is on point
- Strategize and implement a sales funnel that works
- Brainstorm, create, and integrate a new opt-in freebie
- Learn the exact tech tools you need to have in place
- Get hands-on training in marketing areas you feel weak
- Learn how to use Squarespace as a powerful business tool

- Take smart action getting your new business off the ground
- Learn the ins and outs of successful content marketing
- Untangle your packages and pricing to make more sales
- Set up systems to streamline and automate your business
- Create a schedule that fits your personality, goals, and values
- Become a more strategic and engaging content creator