Navy Blue, Outdoor Furniture.

Our work in this project:

About the brand:

Navy Blue is a luxury outdoor furniture firm that allows you to enjoy every moment of your life outdoors with comfort and style. Its furniture has been designed to withstand the most diverse climates, using high quality patented materials that stand the test of time. The brand is inspired by the Californian lifestyle in its new "Newport" collection.

Actions and Special Integrations:

  • Naming.

  • Branding: Visual identity design, logos, catalogue, sales material.

  • Photography of environment and product.

  • Clean & elegant web page design & development.

  • Special sections: Portfolio galleries, section for dealers & agents, the dynamic presentation of the product.

  • Special sales forms.

  • Advanced CSS.

  • Advanced SEO strategy.

  • Google analytics

Other sections in this site:

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