Luma Zaki. Yoga

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Our work in this project:

About the brand:

Luma Yoga is Luma Zaki’s, instructor of Power Yoga, Ashtanga and Yoga for athletes concept. In her classes, she has developed a methodology that fuses the ancient yoga techniques of the East with a modern Western twist. Her proposal incorporates physical activity and spirituality and philosophy through ayurveda, tantra and nutrition.

Actions and Special Integrations:

  • Branding: Visual Identity, logo, collateral (Business cards, flyers).

  • Squarespace E-commerce design & development.

  • Special sections: Class timetable section linked with acquity integration, wellness hub ( A space dedicated to promote mind like brands) and an online store to sell the brands merchandise.

  • Special integrations: Acquity (Reservation management tool).

  • Online payment management: Stripe & paypal.

  • Google analytics.

*The water color illustrations are subject to the copyright rules of the artist and have been removed of the actual site.

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